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We bring the Fragrances of Polynesia to you.

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Tropical Paradise Custom Fragrances

It's time to take your senses on a journey. Allow Fragrances of Polynesia to be your guide. We are a group that specializes in custom fragrances. Thanks to our extensive skillset and keen attention to detail, we produce luxurious scents of orchids and blooms. Our team distills the essence of an island paradise and bottles it, especially for you.

Plumeria Eau de Parfum

Discover the delightful cologne of a sun-kissed dreamscape. The items in our catalog are a pleasant bouquet of scents that will enliven the senses. As such, they make great gifts and incredible additions to your collection. In addition, we adhere to safe manufacturing processes. None of our custom perfumes contain chemicals or artificial preservatives. They are as natural as the tropical locales that inspire them.

Our products are the perfect way to treat yourself and others to a guilt-free experience thanks to our resourceful team of fragrance creators. Thelma Haywood leads our business and is a prolific maker of perfumes and botanical essences. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you find the scent that matches your personality. Indulge in your island paradise by ordering one of our custom fragrances today.

Contact us in New Orleans, LA, to learn more about our fragrance products and services.


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